helen I am an avid international traveler who enjoys exploring the far reaches of our world and capturing these memories in photographic images. The main struggle has been to identify a focus for these adventures ---- which is more interesting and engaging, the natural history, the exotic cultural mores, or the archaeological treasures? The ultimate conclusion is that they are all worthy of experience. Consequently, the exhibitions and many digital slide shows which I have presented for the local community have been eclectic, ranging from the grandeur of Antarctica to the equally wondrous treasures of Tibet.

I am a long-time member of Spectrum Art Gallery, a fine art photographic gallery in Fresno, California. My images have been exhibited at Spectrum Gallery as well as in numerous other regional galleries and can also be found in many personal collections.
I am an Emerita Professor of Biochemistry and former administrator at California State University, Fresno. Although photography has always been a part of my life, upon retirement I finally was able to devote time and energy in classes, workshops and
self-study to refine my craft. How fortunate I am that my two passions, travel and photography are wholly complementary.